Rent and Utility Assistance

UO Housing Subsidy Resources available specifically for UO students

The Housing Subsidy provides funding to help stabilize UO students experiencing housing insecurity. The subsidy aims to keep students in housing by preventing eviction and/or helping students secure housing when finances are a barrier. In order to be considered for a Housing Subsidy, students must first meet with a representative from the Basic Needs Program to collaboratively develop a basic needs stabilization strategy. The link below opens the Basic Needs Assistance Form, which students can use to request a meeting with a Basic Needs Program representative; it is not the application for the Housing Subsidy.

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The Landing Pad (Emergency Housing) Resources available specifically for UO students

The Landing Pad is a welcoming room in one of the University Housing residence halls which is reserved for students who are experiencing a housing crisis. Qualifying students can stay in the Landing Pad for two to fourteen nights at no charge. Meals, bedding, towels, toiletries, and other essentials are provided, if needed. The room has its own bathroom and can accommodate a single student without pets. Students can call the Office of the Dean of Students or use the Basic Needs Assistance Form below to request use of the Landing Pad.

Phone: 541-346-3216
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Lane County Utility Assistance Programs

Directory of energy bill assistance subsidies from the federal government and each utility company, along with eligibility criteria and directions for how to apply.

Location: 151 W. 7th Ave., Room 560, Eugene, OR  97401
Phone: 541-682-3378
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Oregon Lifeline Phone and Broadband Discount

Federal and state government program that provides a monthly discount of up to $15.25 per month with some phone service providers, up to $19.25 per month with some broadband internet providers, and a free cell phone and data service option. Individuals may qualify if they are a citizen or legal immigrant, and if they or their child/dependent participate in certain federal assistance programs such as SNAP or annual household income is 135 percent or less of Federal Poverty Guidelines. More than one adult at each residence may qualify if they do not share income and expenses. This is Oregon's version of the Federal USAC Lifeline program.

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Find a Rental

UO Family Housing and University Apartments Resources available specifically for UO students

Apartments and houses are available at affordable rates and managed by the university. There are child-friendly and pet-friendly options with community spaces and community garden plots. 

Location: 2250 Patterson St., Eugene, OR 97403
Phone: 541-346-5263
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UO Off-Campus Housing Listings Resources available specifically for UO students

A university-operated directory of private, off-campus student housing options only accessible to UO students. Listings are up to date and from verified landlords and property management companies. 

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Off-Campus Housing Providers and Search Resources Index

The Basic Needs Program has compiled a list to help you explore the wide range of housing options available near the UO campus in Eugene.

Off-Campus Housing Providers and Search Resources Index
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Off-Campus Housing Tips and Resources Resources available specifically for UO students

Location: Office of the Dean of Students, Oregon Hall Suite 185
Phone: 541-346-3216
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International Student Arrival Handbook Resources available specifically for UO students

International Student and Scholar Services provides a resource guide for international students preparing to come to the University of Oregon.

Location: 300 Oregon Hall
Phone: 541-346-3206
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Shelters and Transitional Housing

Eugene Mission

Guests checking into the Eugene Mission Rescue Shelter are given up to 14 days of shelter. Guests will be screened for safety upon arrival and required to stay onsite for the duration of their stay. Meals, shower facilities, and chaperoned convenience store trips are provided.

Location: 1542 W. 1st Ave., Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-344-3251
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Hosea Youth Services 

The Drop–In Center offers vocational support, meals, shower and laundry facilities, clothing, personal hygiene items, and much more in a secure, restful, and encouraging setting for youth 22 and under. 

Location: 834 Monroe Street, Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-344-5583
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ShelterCare Homelessness Prevention Program

Provides emergency financial support, advocacy, and referrals for those at risk of becoming homeless. It also helps families who have lost their homes find new housing quickly.

Location: 499 W. 4th Avenue, Eugene Phone: 541-689-3785
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Looking Glass, New Roads Program

Offers transitional living services for young people experiencing homelessness. Provides food, clothing, showers, internet access, counseling services, and employment services.

Location: 941 W. 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-686-4310
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Community Supported Shelters

Community Supported Shelters manages Eugene Safe Spots—safe and legal spaces for people experiencing homelessness to sleep. These sites provide porta-potties, trash and recycling, drinkable water, a fire pit, covered platforms for tents, and covered common meeting spaces.

Location: 1160 Grant St., Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-683-0836
Community resource

First Place Family Shelter

Provides support for children and their families at risk of losing housing or transitioning between homes. Addresses immediate needs as well as support to address barriers to self-sufficiency. 

Location: 1995 Amazon Pkwy Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: 541-342-7728
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Hope and Safety Alliance

The Hope and Safety Alliance offers shelter and safe housing for families and individuals leaving a dangerous situation. This shelter serves all genders and identities.

Location: 1577 Pearl St., Eugene, OR
Phone: 541-485-6513 or toll free 1-800-281-2800
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Egan Warming Centers

A coalition of community organizations that provide shelters when temperatures drop to 30 degrees or below between November 15 and March 31.

Locations: Throughout Eugene and Springfield
Phone: 541-689-6747
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Eugene Service Station

Provides homeless adults a place to access basic needs, including food, day shelter, clothing, laundry, and showers. Access to telephones and computers and assistance with job and housing referrals.

Location: 450 Highway 99 North, Eugene, OR 97402
Phone: 541-461-8688
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Overnight and Safe Parking Program

Managed by First Place Family Shelter. Provides legal camping, free garbage disposal, and portable restrooms to homeless families and individuals living in their vehicles.

Location: 450 Highway 99 N, Eugene, OR 97402
Phone (for individuals): Eugene Service Station, 541-461-8688 | Phone (for families with children): First Place Family Center, 541-342-7728
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Furnishings and Repairs

UO Surplus Property Sales

Like a thrift store for furniture, but on campus and even less expensive. A warehouse full of desks, chairs, cabinets, bedside tables, bookshelves, and more.

Location: 2020 Franklin Blvd (entrance near the corner of 15th Avenue and Orchard Street)
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Eugene Emergency Minor Home Repair Program

The City of Eugene offers zero-interest loans and grants to property owners in the city for minor home repairs, including electrical, plumbing, and heading systems; leaking roofs; basic home security; and accessibility improvements. Must meet income eligibility criteria.

Location: 101 West 10th Avenue, Suite 203, Eugene, OR 97401
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